We offer:
1) Week-long trips to Germany, the EU’s most powerful economy,providing you with vital information and familiarisation, necessary for you to operate successfully in this exciting, new and different business culture.

2) The trips are custom-made for specific industrial sectors, for example Automotive,AI and Robotics,Chemical , Medical Care etc. and include visits to production plants to study their working methods and the latest technologies in those industries. This,uniquely, ensures the tour is relevant to YOUR business.

3) We hold seminars to give important information about current economic and business conditions in Europe,including importantly, explaining for example how the Euro ‘single currency’ operates in 19 different countries and the business implications of current economic/political trends.

4) The tours include shopping, social and recreational activities to relax, but which are also important in giving an insight to the lifestyle available in Europe, should you be condidering re-locating or setting up a new branch of your operations there.

5) Whilst here, you can raise your own particular points of interest and issues where you want special help, and we can put you in contact with specialist consultants to work with you to arrange additional assistance tailored to your specific needs.

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