entry-to-germany provides a team of intercultural experts both familiar with Chinese and German/European culture to help you getting access to Germany the easiest way
Philip Fraser

Philip Fraser


Successful businessman experienced in international trade, who has run industrial companies with international scope

Jialei Wang

Jialei Wang

Product specialist


Experienced management consultant and marketing
specialist,fluent in Chinese, German and English

Jia Song

Jia Song

Marketing Specialist

Experienced management consultant and marketing
specialist, fluent in Chinese, German and English.

A message from our CEO

Europe is a very exciting prospect, not only for business
opportunities, but for the quality of life it can offer.
-The EU consists of 27 countries all with their different languages,
history and traditions, making it a treasure trove of interesting
locations to visit in your free time.
Europeans have a lot of leisure time outside work,have high
environmental standards and enjoy a very pleasant and comfortable
weather climate for much of the year.
Probably the healthiest working environment in the world!
Let us then, have the pleasure of welcoming you to Germany,the
gateway to this massive market opportunity for you and your company

Phil Fraser, CEO