Entry to Germany is a joint Chinese and German initiative, operated by Chinese/German professional business consultants based in Frankfurt, to help with the huge demand we have identified from Chinese companies wishing to trade with, or establish a presence in Germany and the wider EU.

There has never been a better or more important time to expand your business into the European marketplace!

  • The growing trade war between the US and China, and increased tariffs on Chinese goods into the US is making trade with America more difficult.
  • On the other hand the Chinese government’s ONE BELT ONE ROAD infrastructure initiative, extending all the way to Germany is being developed to facilitate easier trade with Eurasia, so any Chinese company seeking increased market share should now access the EU marketplace of 27 countries, a market of 500 million people, the biggest single trading block in the world outside China.
  • entry to germany has recently been set up to help Chinese companies take advantage of these new market conditions and to assist Chinese businesses looking for new trading opportunities in the European Union single market.
  • Europe is a vital and potentially very large market, but as a matter of experience we have found that Chinese companies wishing to break into this exciting ,new business environment benefit greatly from the familiarisation and assistance given by our Chinese speaking, locally based consultants here in Frankfurt, Germany.
  • Don’t try to climb a new mountain without a guide! Contact us here.